What Everyone Should Know about Video Poker Online

When enjoying video poker online, players are betting only against the house instead of a table full of opponents. While it is available in many different internet venues in more than a dozen variations, it is still incredibly simple to play at its core.

How it Works

In most classic video poker games, the individual must first choose how much to wager per hand. Then, he or she clicks 'deal' and is dealt five cards which appear at the bottom of the screen. After reviewing these cards and comparing them to the pay scale, or the total amount that can be earned for completing basic poker hands, the individual will determine which of the cards to keep and which to discard in exchange for new cards. The player clicks on the cards he or she wants to hold and presses deal again to receive the replacements.

Winning and Payouts

After the individual has received the replacement cards after the second deal, this concludes the hand. The machine will automatically determine how much the player has won and issue a payout based upon the hand that was created and the number of coins that were wagered. It is always important to keep in mind that different sorts of games pay different prizes, so individuals should be sure to pay attention to this.

Game Variations

Video poker online is available in a number of variants, so people are encouraged to check them out. Jacks or Better only pays out when a pair of Jacks or higher is present, Aces and Eights has special payouts for hands that contain this combination, and Deuces Wild allows players to use all of the twos they receive as wild cards in exchange for slightly reduced payouts or pay scales.